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Bound to providing the highest quality construction and safety, caring deeply about our employees and the community.

Top Performer requirements: 

  • Sustain and grow their businesses, financially and economically

  • Offer market-competitive compensation, benefit and retirement packages

  • Commit to world-class safety

  • Commit to workforce development, education and creating career opportunities

  • Commit to an inclusive and diverse work environment

  • Develop opportunities for their employees to achieve their career dreams; and

  • Cultivate committed leadership.

“It is always the true test of the fiber and culture of a company how they react under stress when a project presents trials and tribulations. When TriArc had a potentially disastrous project, they showed their true character and built an award-winning structure. After watching, and personally experiencing the team work through a very difficult project I would highly recommend TriArc to any owners or developers.”

~ Homes Murphy & Mark DeWitt, VP Surety


TriArc builds in all sectors and sizes of the construction industry including retail, commercial, hospitality, mixed-use, office and renovation.

Our expertise ranges from ground up, interior finish out, restoration, and historic preservation. Specialized experience prepares us for your most challenging of projects. Dedication to client service guides everything we do, no matter the size of the job.

  • Discovery Process

  • Preconstruction & Estimating

  • Value Engineering

  • Scheduling

  • Cost Control

  • Project Success Criteria


At TriArc we know that no construction procurement process is perfect. We do feel that the hard bid procurement process can be a flawed process that leads to significant cost, schedule, and quality issues that negatively impact the people who procure the construction service, and ultimately their clients, design team, and business. We find that these people are also spending way too much time on construction administration and construction management instead of focusing on more important aspects of their role and/or organization.

TriArc has the competency to engage in most all procurement methods (including hard bid), but the most sophisticated buyers of construction services will tell you that their most successful projects are not delivered using the hard bid procurement method. Enter TriArc Discovery Process. This involves spending quality time with our clients and their design teams to identify project specific issues and opportunities early in the process. We then begin to create solutions and direct benefits that point to cost control, schedule acceleration, and high-quality standards all while minimizing our client’s time dealing with the project.

Once we are awarded the project, we quickly reassemble the O/A/C team and create the Project Success Criteria. These are the significant elements of the project that must go well for the project to be a success for our clients and their design teams. Once the Project Success Criteria is set, our project teams apply a thoughtful and proactive project management approach to align ourselves and our subcontractors with the success criteria.

What Makes TriArc Different?

Nimble. Savvy. Grounded.

TriArc has the experience and know-how of large construction firms combined with the flexibility, genuine relationships and economies of a smaller firm. Grounded in a commitment to serve all sizes of projects, ranging from $200K to $20M, TriArc places the utmost value on servant leadership.

Our Story

TriArc is a family of construction professionals whose vast experience as industry leaders yields a company grounded by the traditions of the business. Co-founder and President, Shane Deville, envisioned a construction company that would prioritize relationships and servant leadership as the foundations for success. With a career spanning continents and over 30 years, he seized the opportunity to start a company that would attract like-minded people.


To enrich the lives of others.

Core Values

Our core values embody the people we align ourselves with:

Gumption  •  Passion & Enthusiasm  •  Stick-to-it-iveness

Do The Right Thing  •  DWYSYWD  (Do What You Say You Will Do)

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