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The TriArc Company Culture

Our Vision: To enrich the lives of others.

Relationships are our infrastructure. The core of TriArc is our company family. By fostering positive relationships from within, we are best suited to serve our clients and our community. TriArc values engagement with our civic community and is actively involved with the people who better our industry and our world. 

Our core values embody the people we align ourselves with:

Gumption  •  Enthusiasm  •  Stick-to-itiveness  •  Do The Right Thing  •  DWYSYWD (Do What You Say You Will Do)

“Success is all but impossible without good people.

What I love about TriArc is the family atmosphere we have established. While TriArc is still a relatively young company, we have already assembled a team of strong, confident and qualified individuals who will ultimately bolster us into an industry leading company.” 

—  Derek Ring, TriArc Senior Project Manager

Current Position Available

TriArc Construction, LLC, is looking for a reliable, driven

Director of Business Development

to join our growing team!

Company Description:

At TriArc, our vision is to enrich the lives of others. This is enabled by our commitment to our Core Values:

  • Gumption

  • Do the right thing

  • Passion & Enthusiasm

  • Stick-To-Itiveness

  • Do what you say you will do


These values are our constitution. They are the principles shared by everyone in the company. Our values drive the culture and priorities while providing a framework in which all decisions are made. The Core Values are the cultural foundation on which the company is built.

General Role Description

The Director of Business Development is responsible for leading in a team environment to differentiate the company from the competition and build a growing base of business by evolving the Business Development, Strategic Marketing and Sales Core Discipline. The program includes identifying, pursuing, and developing relationships within deliberate market segments and focusing on customer organizations where appreciation exists for the added value brought by the company. The individual will thoughtfully and proactively develop the Core Discipline. In addition, this position will have a significant external leadership role in the business community. The Director of Business Development will be asked to participate in strategic planning and the overall direction of the company.


This position Reports to the President/CEO and has direct supervisory responsibilities of the Marketing Coordinator role.  

High Level Key Responsibilities


  • Drive the culture on the foundation of the core values

  • Participate in strategic planning

  • Assist in the implementation of the strategic plan

  • Provide strategic leadership for the organization


Core Discipline Development

  • Have a vision and direction for Business Development Marketing and Sales

  • Oversee processes

  • Drive continuous improvement

  • Establish a Leadership Development Program for certain individuals

  • Participate in the development and updating of Role Profiles

  • Assess desire & skill sets of people

  • Review industry compensation

  • Facilitate an effective Review Process

  • Assist in the development of Personal Development Plans

  • Execute training / developing / coaching & mentoring programs

  • Provide input on compensation programs

  • Provide input on Retention Program

  • Work with the Leadership Team to recruit, interview, hire & on-board staff


Business Development, Strategic Marketing & Sales Program:

  • Lead the effort of fostering Business Development Marketing and Sales within the culture

  • Involved in determining and implementing the secondary Business Development Marketing & Sales structure

  • Develop, implement and fully utilize the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Database

  • Execute the Market Share Process – focused on market segments / new customers / new business

  • Work with the secondary structure to execute the Customer Share Process – focused on existing customers / growing existing business

  • Responsible for the Company Wide Marketing Plan to develop, place and manage the brand

  • Run a weekly Business Development & Marketing Meeting


External Leadership

  • Establish a business - public presence

  • Develop an “Inner Circle”

  • Be a leader in Business Development oriented associations

  • Participate in a PEER Group



  • Serve as a spokesperson and representative for TriArc

  • Assure TriArc is consistently presented in a strong, positive image to relevant stakeholders

  • Actively advocate for TriArc

  • Promote economic development within communities

  • Establish Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program



  • 4-year college degree preferably in construction management, business or marketing

  • 10-years’ experience in the A/E/C industry

  • 5-years’ experience in a business development role in the A/E/C industry

  • Appropriate software skills



  • Opportunity for equity

  • Performance based incentive plan

  • Health insurance

  • Dental

  • Vision

  • 401k with company match

  • Car allowance

  • Cell phone Allowance

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